Elliott Bisnow is the Founder of Summit & Co-Owner of Powder Mountain.

Powder Mountain, located in Eden, Utah is best known as the largest ski area in North America.

Summit hosts dozens of gatherings a year, including its annual event, which Forbes called “The Davos of Generation Y.” Summit is an investor in Uber, Warby Parker & Change.org and has spearheaded philanthropic efforts that include building a 71 square mile marine protected area in the Bahamas.

Elliott is an Advisor to The Summit Institute, whose mission is to apply creative solutions to real-world challenges related to the environment, education, the arts, health and social innovation.

Elliott also Co-founded Bisnow Media (acquired by Wicks Group in 2016), served on the United Nations Foundation Global Entrepreneurs Council and co-founded The Get Well Soon Tour.  At each Get Well Soon Tour stop, children in hospitals across America are surprised by visits from their idols.