Elliott Bisnow is the co-founder of Summit & co-owner of  Powder Mountain Resort in Eden, Utah. 

Since 2008, Summit has produced events for leaders across all disciplines, including our annual flagship Summit in Los Angeles, group excursions, city salons, and a series of weekend retreats at our Powder Mountain Resort in Utah. Summit's gatherings combine art, talks, culinary experiences, music, and wellness activations with countless surprises, immersive adventures, and incredible people.

In 2013, some of Summit's leadership formed a new venture to acquire Powder Mountain in Utah’s Wasatch Mountain Range–the largest ski mountain in America on 10,000 acres–with the vision to build a public mountain town focused on innovation, entrepreneurship, arts, and altruism.  An hour north of Salt Lake City, Powder Mountain is a year-round destination for an ongoing program of events and activities–a home to the emergent culture of creativity and collaboration exemplified by the Summit community.

In 2006, Elliott co-founded Bisnow Media, with his dad Mark, which was acquired by Wicks Group in 2016.